Devon Chulick

Devon Chulick

Devon Chulick has 8 years of experience as a creative content producer, social media marketer, and e-commerce consultant. He’s currently the eCommerce Merchandiser at Chubbies. He’s also owner of DSF Clothing Co & Screen Printing and Co-Founder of Shoot Right Studios. His skill set includes Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, copywriting, Shopify, numerous marketing apps and tools, and has been called endlessly creative. He has a love for pizza, reading, living in San Francisco, and finding excuses to wear a tuxedo.

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Fewer people have impressed me more than Devon and I work among some of the most creative people in the TV advertising industry in LA and SF. It would be remiss of me not to recommend him to the highest level. Olivia Baker
I’ve worked with Devon on a variety of projects and his energy and insights never ceases to amaze me. It’s easy to stay in our comfort zones or let our concerns dissuade our ambitions, but when you work work Devon this never seems to be a problem. His ambition, imagination, and perspective always finds a way to bring a project to life. Luke Spray
As a Creative Director I sincerely believe that Devon Chulick is a genius. His ability to bring creative minds together astonishes me and is something I applaud. Day after day I am amazed how Devon continues to set the barometer higher and higher. Corbin Cones